Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Road NOT taken

Out of many roads of life, I have ended up with two roads ahead of me:

1. The road taken by every second person, which assures success. Although the journey on this road is not so easy, but everyone tries to accomplish the journey of his life at this road. The most commonly taken roads in India are:

a. To become a doctor or an engineer or doing MBA from a reputed university, to get a job in a company which provides higher salary and then to get married. That's it, and you are labeled 'well settled' or 'successful'.

b. If not interested in job, one is expected to get through with graduation and follow the steps of his/her father to support the family business.

c. Some girls even follow the route of their homemaker mother, to become a housewife or to live a luxurious, royal life, splurging their husband's money.

2. The road not taken, where future is uncertain, success is not guaranteed, and one is at risk of being called a 'failure' or 'loser'. Although the chances of being successful at this road are not less, but the road is feared to be treacherous. And if one becomes successful at this road, there is a considerable chance that people might call success a matter of 'luck'. For instance, becoming an artist, author, or something more thoughtful!

Now, I have in front of me these two roads. But I want to create a new road of my own. Not that I'm afraid of studying, or doing hard work, not that I don't want to be successful. It's just that, I want to test my creativity, my imagination, my strength. I want to create a road, a road which has never been taken!!

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