Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lessons about Life from a Flight

Lessons are not just chapters of a book. Lessons are the learning we get from each step we take in life. One Step in flight has taught me a lot of lessons in very less time. There are small little things which hide in themselves great meanings. You just need to have vision to see those things from the right manner, and wisdom to imbibe its meaning.

Those small little things which have taught me lessons today are:

Luggage: The stuff we own. The stuff we take along during a journey. Yes, it’s a human nature that we want more; we don’t want anything to be less. We want enough, or more frankly, more than enough. This is what I thought while I was packing the luggage. But when I set out on the journey, I thought lesser would be better. Lesser the stuff we have, more relaxed we are. It holds true not only with the luggage we carry on small journey, but it also holds true for materialistic things we keep collecting during the journey of our life. As they say, “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose”. Similarly, when we you own less materialistic stuff, you’ll have lesser fear of losing it. Hence, tension free life.

Turbulence: The jerks we get during flight. Yes, they are scary when you are travelling for the first time. I have experienced a lot of them. Now, they are less scary. Now, I have faith in pilot. I know even if we get jerks during flight, we will land safely on the ground. Life is just like that. We experience jerks, betrayals, heart-breaks, refusals, disasters, et al. But life goes on. The flight of our life will end up safely for sure because its pilot is God.

Air-Hostess: Pretty women, always ready to help with a smile. Seeing them, I get a smile too. When I smile, I talk to others with a smile. And the flu of smiles keeps attacking others. It’s a vicious circle. The lesson I get from this is that Smile costs nothing and reaps many sweet and smiling fruits. J

Another air-hostess: Yes its air-hostess’ job to help others. Yet, all airhostesses have a different way of handling it. For some it’s a job, for some it’s a responsibility and yet for some, it’s their purpose. Some do it kindly, some do it with attitude. From a kind air-hostess I learnt that it’s not necessary that we treat those people with kindness with whom we have a long-term relation. It is great to be kinder than necessary with strangers as well, with people who are never going to meet us in life. Such kindness makes me believe in humanity, and in the fact that Life is, indeed, beautiful..

The Flight: ‘To be on the seventh cloud’, ‘to walk in the air’, ‘aim for the sky’. Many idioms reflect our wish to fly, to be in air. The flight makes this wish comes true. But after this wish really comes true, do we want to continue it? No. All of us want to land back to the ground. So is the matter with life. We want to be high, but equilibrium is all we need.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mind v/s Heart!

My mind says it was an illusion, my heart says it was right.
When the world lies silent during this dark night,
somewhere inside me there is a huge fight.

The mind and heart fight as they think about you..
That is exactly when i lose my mind's screw..
The moments were precious even though they were few!!

The mind finally agrees that the heart was right..
And the evidence is the love bite <3
It could be wrong, or not. But now i just feel alright..

When i go through it all, tears come to my eye
Sometimes me and sometimes you lie..
But even then, we could never say good-bye..

My mind stops finding a reason. My heart stops feeling.
The fight between them, would always be reeling.
What you did to me was one step close to my healing..

Let me forget about right and wrong..
'Cause i am happy and singing a song..
All i wish was that those moment could last long...