Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mind v/s Heart!

My mind says it was an illusion, my heart says it was right.
When the world lies silent during this dark night,
somewhere inside me there is a huge fight.

The mind and heart fight as they think about you..
That is exactly when i lose my mind's screw..
The moments were precious even though they were few!!

The mind finally agrees that the heart was right..
And the evidence is the love bite <3
It could be wrong, or not. But now i just feel alright..

When i go through it all, tears come to my eye
Sometimes me and sometimes you lie..
But even then, we could never say good-bye..

My mind stops finding a reason. My heart stops feeling.
The fight between them, would always be reeling.
What you did to me was one step close to my healing..

Let me forget about right and wrong..
'Cause i am happy and singing a song..
All i wish was that those moment could last long...