Monday, July 5, 2010

A near to Death Experience

I had a very memorable experience while I was coming back in airplane from a holiday with my family. When the flight took off the weather was cloudy. I was comfortably seated in the plane and reading a novel. An hour passed and everything seemed to be normal. There was noise of people talking and babies cribbing. I was totally lost in reading novel while I heard people shouting. I realized that the plane had a very major jerk. And as soon I looked around the plane I felt that the plane is going downwards. The plane was out of control for around 2-3 seconds. Even the lights went off. I had a certain feeling that the plane had a major fault

My heart rate had never been so high. I never begged to God so helplessly 'just' for Life. At that time all I wanted was to reach home safely, which seemed doubtful to me. Even though the plane got back in control in fraction of seconds, the turbulence kept going on and on. I have traveled in plane several times before, so I knew that this turbulence was NOT normal. After that, the time didn't seem to pass. When I looked out of the window I couldn't see anything except for the clouds. This was the first time that I prayed for Sunshine. I desperately wanted the clouds to part away, I wanted the sky to be clear. I kept giving reiki for the optimum weather conditions. I gave white light to the whole plane. I kept giving reiki to the pilot and the whole crew. Eventually, the sky became clearer and I could see the sun. Within a few minutes the pilot also announced that weather was now normal for the plane to fly safely.

But there was still an hour to go before landing. That hour was the most difficult hour of my life to pass. There was pin-drop silence in the flight after that jerk as everybody was in shock. I couldn't get relieved from fear of dying until we landed. As soon we landed, I saw two fire engines and an ambulance waiting for our flight. This landing was so pleasurable to all of us that all the passengers applauded when the plane touched the ground.

I am so thankful to reiki, to God and to the pilot as well. Earlier I never cherished to be alive. But this incident has given a new meaning to my life. I am grateful to be alive and safe. I am sure that there is a purpose behind why God saved us.